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Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! Empty Le tout terrain c'est de la merde !

Mar 16 Mar 2010 - 20:44
Allez je vous ai trouvé un petit roman photo Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! 365685

Je suis super désolé mais j'ai pas le temps de vous traduire le tout ...

ricey3@pbforum a écrit:
Going to start a build log here of my moto450, i started last august and have nearly done, but thought people might find it interesting. remember a few of the comment relate to the past.

A new addition to the stable, four stroke i'm afriad. I had a quick blast on it and its 's*** yourself quick' offroad and sounds awesome. Its now in bits.

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! P8050018

Just a bit of an update for those interested in my moto450 build.
The bike been stripped down and most of the parts sold to fund the stuff i need.

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! P8210070

Forks to go on are gsxr1000 items ktec internals, got these, calipers, yokes, braided lines etc for £200, sold both calipers on as i'm only using one. They were off an irish road racer, but are perfect, might be a bit heavily sprung for my needs but i can sort that at a later date.

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! P8050019

I got hold of a r1 gold spot caliper from USA ebay for £16, the stuff on there is cheap as chips and aint seen any salt, its like brand new, monoblock caliper too.

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! P8210075

The k3 uses 600mm discs and i managed to get hold of a single used braking disc of an accident damaged bike for £20, the r1 caliper is the same spacing as the gsxr one put sits too far of the disc, generally people go to 320 mm discs when they do the upgrade and fit some extra spacers but as i got the disc cheap i thought i'd make it work, i measured up on a mates 600 the other night and decided i needed to take 10mm off, so took 5 off the caliper and 5 off the fork bottom.A local chap helped me and let me use his mill, top man and i cant believe how good it would be to have your own.

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! P8210074

Fits perfectly now

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! P8210073

The forks will fit ok in terms of bearing size, there a differant type but same size, and the headstock on the crf is thicker than the GSXR, the same bloke is turning me up a new steering stem which needs to be 15mm longer should be ready in a week or so and will be sent to get hard anodised.
The wheels have also been ordered and will be forged aluminim Marchesini's, prob ready in about October, i;ve ordered the gsxr 3.5 inch front and crf 4.5 inch rearso everything will slot straight in with no messing on chain runs etc, both wheels will look the same style. A few of the other moto450 have been using a 5 or 5.5 inch rear but it would be well overtyred with that, really tight fit in the swingarm too, so i;ve gone with the 4.5, will run 150/60 and 120/70 tyres, it will weigh sod all so dont need to be any bigger and were only talking 55hp or so.

Because the bike uses the crf chassis and swinagrm fitting shorter foks affects the geomtery somewhat, std fork angle is 26 deg and i;ll be looking to achieve 21 ish, it may require new bearing cups but i'll have a proper check when the chassis is rolling and see whats what, i chose the longest superbike forks so that should help, but as i lost 15mm on the heasstock i'm going to try and get it back and a bit more by have a yoke made with a 20mm drop. Inunf kindly modelled a design of mine in solid works and production is currently being looked at

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! Styrebro_bilde_02

last thing has been rearsets, as you can imagine there is a huge dufferance between the std crf set up and something for race bike, luckily a company in spain produce such an item and after a bit of work overcoming the language barrier and a few mods the following have landed.

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! P8210069

There is tonnes of jobs to do next thing is getting some shorter cables produced, (i've already modified the throttle tube to work with the gsxr clipons), get the rolling chassis and geometry sorted and start thinking about the suspension, the std rear shock is good enough but will def require revalving ad
nd maybe a suitable spring, a couple of poeple have looked at altering the shock linkage as the suspension is a little on the progressive side, as you'd expect,after that it will be body work, thinking of 08/09 fireblade, mainly as i've got a contact at the Ron Haslam race school who reckons i could borrow a fairing tomock up with and get me a race fairing discounted, its a long way off though.

I'll leave you with a taste of how these things can look, never believe there's a crf under there would you?

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! 67996189

Just gone half with me dad on this! Those small jobs i always seem to need doing, can be done by me now, so i'm pretty sure it will pay for itself in no time, comes with loads of spares, 3 and four jaw things, live centres and dead centres (??) and loads of re tipable cutting tools, will take 9 inch diameter stuff and 20 inch length which should be more than enough. single phase, 4hp motor and a stand, £200

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! Lathe3

The bikes slowly coming on, as previously mentioned i needed a new steering stem for the GSXR front end, which i've just got back from the anodisers and will be pressed back in tomorrow

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! P9170050

While i wait for a couple of bits i took the swingarm off to check the linkage bearing and as normal they needed doing, with sand everwhere a few were shot, was very pleased with the bearing puller I crafted to pull the out to, made it a really easy job

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! 019

I've literally spent the last month cleaning it as sand was everywhere, so its just about had a full strip bar the engine coming out the frame, carb got a good old swill out to, funny design, the slide is like a little toy car with wheels on and the accelerator pump fires fuel out the bowl like no ones business.

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! 020

got the forks in today and placed on my calibrated axle stands to allow some measurements to be taken, looks cool i think

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! P9180122

This weeks top job was fitting the front fairing mount and CDI holder, the brackets off another bike, but a quick measure up and i had a bracket designed, which my new best mate Odd Arne Skjong, CAD'd for me. Top man. You can see it below Odd, perfect fit thanks for your help.

Now i like hacking and bashing, but also like seeing engineering places do there stuff, so instead of me filing away my piece of aluminium into the night, i decided to have it laser cut. I took it over to a local engineering company that laser cut all sorts of stuff and asked if they'd do it.

Odd also sent me some files to help with the programming and as soon as i said I had these it was cut and in my hand within two mins, and it was perfect, they can even laser out the drill holes. so i was impressed.

Been having a bit of fun today, recently got hold of an ohlins shock off an rsvr for a good price, so i have started making it fit the crf, The shock needs to be a fair bit shorter than the std crf length so its much cheaper and effective to make a superbike shock a bit longer, damping and spring rate are in the same ball park, Felix (95racer) has been giving me a bit of a hand with geometry and i've recently bought tony foale's anaysis software so hopefully it will all work out in the end.

I'd seen the rsvr shock fitted to a sv with a differant bottom mounting fitted, so i screwed out the ride height adjuster with a bit of force, internally it had a small stop, to stop you unscrewing the adjuster too much, and this had to be overcome and damaged a couple of the top threads sligtly, no suprise and i ran a chaser over then to get it back,

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! PA170027

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! PA170028

I have basically made a copy of the crf bottom mounting and then added the length i needed to make it fit.

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! PA170029

It a perfect project for me to do in the lathe as i'll need to cut threads, tapers and stuff i'ver not had chance to do yet, so this morning i thought i'd give it a crack.

After an hour setting cut the turning started, on a bit of 1x1.5 inch flat bar, 6082 T6 (cheers Jim).

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! PA170030

Couple of hrs later and i'm well chuffed, just need a thread cutting tool and it'll be there , well apart from the milling

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! PA170031

Yesterday morning at 09.11 i became the the proud father of my own little screw thread.

First attempt too and it worked spot on. Gives a better impression of what the shock extension will look like, will be much shorter than it looks in the picture though.

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! PA250158

While i'm waiting to space on my mates mill to finish the shock extension off i've been searching for other things 'to turn to death' so i unveil my next creation a set of bar ends taadaaa!

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! PB030033

now i've done playing with the shock for a while and ive eventually found someone to maufacture new suspension linkages to my design ( a huge thank's to innuf here for his excellent CAD skills) i've bolted the subframe back on which has allowed me fix the rearsets on the bike, which i'm very happy with. The wheels should be here next week, woo hoo!

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! PB030030

Got the shock extension finished tonight

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! PB050004

My wheels have finally arrived after a 4 month wait, but it was def worth it as they look awesome!

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! PB120165

Fitted the wheels to the 450 today, lovely jubbly!

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! PB280167

going back a little while, i redesigned the suspension linkages for the crf, Inunf kindly modelled my designs (hope you like it mate) and gave me the files back which i in turn supplied to a friend of mine. He sent me a photo of the completed rocker arm today and i think it looks brilliant

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! Rocker_design

Linakge is also done now, it brilliant to have stuff done

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! PH_66

Well its too bloody cold in the garage, well the tools are to cold anyway, so i've started bringing tools and bits inside to warm up to do stuff.

Well i got the suspension parts back from the platers so have stuck the bearings in and fitted the shock extension to the shock, will get them fitted on sat and the chain on etc, looking forward to it as it will be the fist time i'll of been able to move it in months!

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! PH_83

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! PH_86

The rear linkage and so on fits brilliantly, i was well chuffed and even a bit suprised that it all came together so well. With that sorted i could put the chain on properly and move it about, the faring lower soon went on and the screen, then mounted upmy christmas present dash and found a home for the temp gauge. I got all the brake lines bled too.

I've recently been trying differant seat units and tank covers to see whats best, most of the 250 rear end just didn't work but i've settled on a rsw250 seat unit and aprilia rs125 tank cover, those and the top yoke should be with me next week some time. I've had a bit of difficulty routing the cables the throttle just wasnt smooth enough, so i've tried soemthing new. i spaced the radiators of the frame a bit and routed the cables through there and up alongside the brake lines, works well.

I've also been messing with the clutch, the std line was hitting the dash and i tried modifying to put a 90 deg bend in but it made it too hard to pull, i stumbled on the idea of fitting a hydraulic clutch after seeing them on a friends trial bike, he also deals in trials bits so has got me a sherco master cylinder, i then started looking on the next and discovered you can get slave cylinders that operate a cable puller and luckily they do em to fit the crf, so waiting for that to come from the states, it used mineral oil so i've had to get a seal kit for the master cylinder but it should make the clutch very nice to operate and i'll have no problems with cables!

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! P1160010

Put a 7.5kg/mm spring in the back of the bike today, still might be a little hard, but may have a bit too much pre load on the spring so i'll back it off a bit and check.

Got hold of the aprilia tank cover and rs250 rear end too so this week in between waxing the bloody airbox mold ive been devising a mounting system, its getting there, just got the front of the tank to sort. I made a sort of seat board out of mdf and have ended up liking it so its going to stay for the time being until i'll got a bit more space in the garage, may try carbon fibre, who knows, wheeled it out today to get a bit of perspective on how the mix of fairings work, ok i think.

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! P1290027

So decided to junk the idea and fit a filter, To cut a long story short I made a bracket, added a couple of rivnuts to the subframe and mounted a K+N underneath the seat unit. connected this up with some 2 ply silicone tube. I still have a bit of work to do to make an undertray etc to protect the filter and so on but I think it will see me right for a bit. I decided not to invest any more time in the underseat airbox and will make one to fit under the tank cover where there is loads of wasted space at the moment, that will be later though.

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! P2130080

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! P2130079

Got the yoke and clutch master cylinder mounted today, i really like the yoke like this, looks nice. Might not even anodise it. So just a clutch line to go and its done, so not long till its up for sale then! ha ha

Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! Yokedone

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Le tout terrain c'est de la merde ! Empty Re: Le tout terrain c'est de la merde !

Mar 16 Mar 2010 - 21:46
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